“I know what I have given you…
I do not know what you have received.” … Antonio Porchia


Everything written and published on this blog is done so without copyright.

This means that the entire blog Howtobekind.info, with the exception of any content not created by Cary West, is in the public domain for all to use as they please.

You may share it, repost it on your website, print it, translate it to other languages, use its content in ebooks, copy, distribute, and/or modify. In short, whatever way you can imagine to repurpose the content given freely here, is ok with me. You need not ask my permission to do this.

Attribution would be a nice gesture of gratitude, such as noting “Content originally written by Cary West on Howtobekind.info.”

It is not required that you include attribution.

If someone should alter what I have written, in a less than reputable way, and still use my name, I trust that readers will deduce the source and decide for themselves the true purpose of the content. A disrespect for truth cannot be hidden.

My hope is that the genuine spirit of selfless giving expressed at Howtobekind.info be continued, passed forward, improved upon, and shared with everyone. Everything here is as I have said, “A stone cast across the waters.” Ripples travel far, and casting new stones keeps the goodness flowing.

In a challenging world kindness has incredible power. Share it wisely. Give it freely. Share it often.

Create a better world as only you know how. Thanks, Cary