Kindness Is Creating Space

“What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?” … Jean-Jacques Rousseau


The day is one of spoken words counted on a single hand.

A glass of wine is a fine companion. Agreeable, a friend.

Perhaps two or three to set free thoughts that yearn for expression, not for the sake of speaking, but rather to create emptiness.

What that emptiness will become searches in the dark, motionless space that fills the void between uncountable stars.

What secrets might we find beyond the twinkles, behind the shadows, within the darkness? The Universe inspires an awe of unfathomable reach, of indiscernible energy, and incomprehensible possibilities.

One can look at the stars and find faith in infinite wisdom. The night sky offers an opportunity for quiet contemplation.

sunriseWho am I? Who are you? Why are we here?

With each new day a rising sun reinvigorates a questioning spirit, and  instills in the natural world a call to action. Flowers bloom. Songbirds sing, and the miracle of life moves forward with renewed passion.

Like the natural world, we rise and go about our daily duties, and we are part of all creation.

We are infinite. We are wisdom.

We are emptiness within a challenging world. Emptiness eager to be filled with kindness, so that we may touch the lives of others, and for a few moments be the shining star that lights up the heavens.

The stars do not ask if we would like them to shine. The sun does not wait for slumberous souls to rise. The heavens don’t embrace us so that we may be blind and not see.

Embrace others, and be free. There is no peace like that of becoming empty. It is opportunity to be who we truly are.

It is opportunity to share kindness.

Is there a greater gift?

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